Please Help To Save Wash Common Library

The Friends of Wash Common Library - a charity set up by a group of people from the local community - has been working to re-open the library, which was closed in March 2017. We've made some progress but we are now at a crunch point.

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We now run a Book Exchange on a Saturday morning

We need the support of everyone who cares about having a local library in Wash Common to join us and come forward. West Berkshire Council has made it clear that they cannot give any financial assistance to the library. Obtaining the building from the council is a complicated process. However, if we can show that the community here is committed, supportive and can raise enough money, this may encourage West Berkshire Council to help us.

The new Wash Common Library would be an independent community library, which would be completely self-funded and run by volunteers.

Our aim is to re-open the library in 2018

For us to obtain the library building we need to prove to West Berkshire Council, Newbury Town Council and Fund givers such as Greenham Trust that not only can we finance the re-opening of the library, but we can provide forward financing for the next 3 – 5 years. We need to show we can generate income every year going forward and that we are committed to this for the long term. For all of this to happen we need individuals to help with fundraising.

Can you help?

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